Monday, August 20, 2007


Wow-what a great way to start the week! We got our first ruling issued TODAY! Our adoption coordinator said it usually takes about 4-6 weeks for our final ruling, then we can travel! YAY!!!

It's kind of funny b/c last week when we got our recent update, the kids and I were at a playdate and walking home w/ the stroller when Brett called saying we got our update on the computer! I raced home to see the pictures. Now, today, Brett came home early from work, so I went to the health club to swim and as i was driving home, he called w/ the good news!
I told him he should come home early every day and just sit in front of the computer since he's the one who seems to get the good news first!!! :) haha!

Anyhow we're all very, very excited w/ this news and hope to hear about a Final Ruling very soon!!!

ALSO, we've decided to officially announce her name!

Kaiya Tsai-Yi Korensky

We picked Kaiya b/c it is a Japanese/Chinese name that means Forgiveness. We liked the sound of it and thought it was somewhat similar to her Taiwanese name.

Here's to having her home for the holidays!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Tsai-Yi!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ONE!!! Today, August 17th is her official 1st Birthday! Technically, she celebrated yesterday since Taiwan is 13 hours ahead of us, but either way, we hope she had a special birthday.
I sent over a care package w/ a few wrapped gifts and a homemade CD of lullaby songs. The songs consisted of class American lullabies, along w/ Chinese lullabies-very pretty!

We still haven't heard anything regarding a First Ruling. Crossing our fingers we hear something soon!
This picture is from her recent update, she's getting so big and her hair is growing so fast! I just wish I could give her big kisses on those cheeks and make her laugh.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Summer waiting is the best time to wait

Waiting for anything is never easy. But, waiting during the summer is much easier. Why? Because summer goes by so fast! We've been so busy with going to the pool, going to summercamp, playdates, visiting friends and even doing a few triathlons! And, some other great news is that my cousin Lia and her husband Chris just brought home their beautiful daughter, Noemi, from Guatamala! She's doing really well and it's been great to follow their journey as well!

Since I'm not that "blogger-savvy," I don't know how to label the pictures individually. But, you get the idea, we've all had a great summer!

I sent another care package today to Han Tsai-Yi for her 1st Birthday! I wrapped gifts such as books, a puzzle, a fun musical instrument and play toy. I also sent her some of Olivia's adorable outfits for those hot, humid days in Taiwan. She should get it next monday, just 4 days before her birthday. We're sorry we won't be able to celebrate with her, but will be thinking of her on that special day!
We're hoping to get some information on a first ruling soon, but again, it could take 1-2 months to hear anything! Updates should be coming soon, they usually come the second week of the month. Very excited!!

I snapped this last picture last night as the kids were playing . . . .