Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm hosting my first "Matilda Jane" party March 12th! YAY! Can you tell I'm so excited?!? these clothes are so fun and unique! You can only buy the clothes through a "trunk keeper," not online.  The woman who designs and makes these clothes is so creative-you should check out her blog : 
It's so fun to read.
Anyhow, I found out about MJ from other friends blogs and just fell in love with it!  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lunar New Years Celebration

I've been working on my photography lately-well at least taking pictures on "manual" vs. "auto," although, i still don't completely get it.  The class I was taking didn't help much either-i'm hoping to learn more by default.  I took these most recent pictures yesterday before attending our playgroups Lunar New Years Celebration.  It has actually been slightly warmer outside, so the kids were able to run around outside a bit.

I like this picture of G below watching the dance celebration w/ all the girls and their black hair and striking red bows

Here are some random photos I caught of the children running around in their beautiful dresses-it was very colorful!

This picture was taken right before the Dragon Parade started-all the children were lined up with their little drums.
One of the moms was helping pass out red envelopes to all the children
I kept trying to photograph this little girl-i found her to be so adorable!  This was the best picture i could get as she was on the move!
This little boy, M, was also adopted from Taiwan-he has the sweetest little face-i couldn't get enough of him! I actually met him and his parents 6 months ago randomly at a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant.  When I saw him, i just knew he was a fellow Taiwanese friend.
G made friends with a little boy.  It was so cute-they were playing "who can catch the football the fastest!"
K & M were mesmerized by the Dragon-i caught this picture of them staring up at him.  It was funny to see since K was originally frightened by him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who says we're cranky when we wake up from naps???

This was K when she woke up from her nap today-having a jolly good time in her crib! Surprisingly, it was a shorter than normal nap!
Oh! And if you're wondering if we're moving her to a big bed anytime soon . . . you're sorely mistaken! After 3 kids, i'm all for staying in the crib as longggg as possible.  I'm thinking Kindergarten? 
just kidding . . . sort of! :)