Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walt Disney World...YES!! We're HERE! Just got back from a wonderful week at WDW. There are a million and one pictures I could upload... what a week! :) This was the first time our family went to Disney World and BOY did we have fun!!! I can see why people go back year after year...there's SO much to do-we were there a week-and still didn't see everything!!
Tweedle Dum taking a liking w/ K!

The Tree of Life was simply amazing at "Animal Kingdom!" A must see for sure!!

These 2 sisters were from China...we just thought they looked SO much like K! We had to all get a picture together-they were TOO cute!!

G was not into the Princesses...he said he didn't like all the "glitter!"

Disney really is a "Magical Place" I can't tell you how much fun we had! I had been wanting to go for so long . . . yet, i'm glad we went when we did. Number 1 reason-our kids were old enough to really appreciate the Magic of Disney. I highly recommend waiting until your children are at least 5 years old to go. Then, they can go on most rides as well. K is only 4...but seriously-she probably would have had as much fun at a local carnival! :)But, my other are a tad older-and REALLY enjoyed it beyond anything!

The beautiful sunset at Epcot

Truly a sight to SEE! I have to talk about the fact that it's taken me SO long to update my Blog. My life has become one big rush all the time, i barely have a second to myself. Hence, the blog being put on the back burner. And, i don't see it changing much at all. I thought it was important to keep up w/ my blog as i was going thru the Adoption Process. I found comfort reading and following others journey's while i was going thru mine. I took a moment this morning and flipped thru some of those "old blogs" I used to follow...and saw that many have discontinued their updates as well. On that note...I will try to periodically update, maybe...but i most likely will be updating my FB more often. :)

Looking at these blogs that I followed so loyally a few years ago, made me reflect on our adoption w/ K. It will be 3 years ago tomorrow...3 YEARS that I had my GOTCHA day! I've attached a few pictures here to reflect that joyous moment in our lives! She's grown to be the most beautiful little girl-adventurous, goofy, smart and definitely the "wild child" of our family!