Monday, November 30, 2009

A little video...


It's been a long time since i've posted any video-i found this one in the "archives" and thought i'd post it-it was from this past January... but it gives you a little live shot of K! She's obviously older now, but looks about the same! Just talks ALOT more! haha!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Been a long time...

So sorry, I know it's been a lonnnnng time since i've posted...gosh, i just got caught up in life-work, kids, work, kids, activities, kids, hubby! :) You get it...I'm going to TRY and be more diligent about updating, but i can't promise. So, once again, here's a slew of pictures i've taken over the past month...these first ones were on a golf course-i took these pictures on a crisp, beautiful October day...right before all the leaves dropped from the trees and it rained and rained!

Here's a few from the Annual Pumpkin Patch visit!

My hubby and I went to an Adult Halloween Costume Party and had fun dressing up!

Halloween...a holiday where you can be a kid again! As long as you don't frighten all the neighbors! haha!
My darling daughter turned 7 the other day...and we had a FABULOUS celebration!

We had a little visit from Aerial, Little Miss Mermaid!

Since it was 60 degrees outside...we let the kids run off their sugar and boy did they have fun! We played games like duck-duck goose and red rover red rover!
G thought it was hilarious when one of the girls said "duck, duck, duck, TOMATO!" Oh! and no, it's not son just LOVES to wear his costume over and over and over...and i think he was showing off for the girls a little bit! :)
Then a little old fashioned game of "Telephone!"
And lastly...attack Uncle M!!