Monday, September 24, 2007

10 Days and counting . . . .

Hello! It's been a very emotional past week. Several things have happened w/in our family that have been joyous and also sad. My Grandmother passed away last Monday. Bless her soul, she was 95 and lived a long, fruitful life.

2 days later my dear mother was diagnosed w/ breast cancer. We are very optimistic as she is having surgery this Wednesday to remove the lump. We will know more once she has the surgery, as there are many tests they do on the surrounding tissues and lymph nodes. We know it is a long road to recovery, but there is so much love and support to go around, she will prevail! :)
As you may have known, she was originally going to travel w/ me to Taiwan so my Brett could stay home w/ the kids. But, due to circumstances, she will not be able to travel. I told her I'd rather her live long to watch Kaiya grow old than travel this one time. My longtime friend (from Girlscouts and orchestra!) :) will be travelling w/ me. She lives in NY, so she will travel to Chicago the night before and leave w/ me the following morning.

We leave October 4th!!! So excited, anxious, nervous and elated! So many emotions! We will arrive the night of October 5th-yes, a whole day and a half later! We will be staying until October 11th.
Gotcha Day is Monday, October 8th!!! I will fill you all in on the details as we get closer to travel. I have so many forms to sign, ppwk to fill out and copies to make! Plus . . . . pack, pack and more packing!

One last note on breast cancer. We never thought it would effect our family. No one has ever had it! But, we're soon realizing, it does not discriminate. 80 % of breast cancer patients have NO history of it in their families. Please be aware. I have posted some great links on information about breast cancer. Spread the word!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


O.k., i'm totally shaking right now!!! We just got our email from our adoption coordinator that our final ruling was issued today! We can travel early October. I have so much to do and people to call, so i will write more later, just wanted to keep everyone posted!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can we say . . . UPDATE!!!!

Ohhhh, how excited I was to get an update today. A few days ago I was saying, "I don't even want updates anymore, I just want a final ruling!" But now I take that back-especially this update. She's getting so big and looks so happy!

They sent a developmental report showing that she's on track w/ everything. It even says she uses 2+ words meaningfully! The report lists a bunch of different activities and they check the box next to it if she's doing it. Well, everything was mostly checked, except one box that said "stiffens in resistance." I thought that was so funny . . . so maybe she doesn't have tantrums! HA! We'll see about that one-too good to be true-right?!?

So, anyday we could be getting our Final Ruling-I'm hoping very very soon . . . I'll keep everyone posted! In the meantime, we're getting the nursery ready-the painter is coming tomorrow, then all I have to do is move her furniture in and sort through all of Olivia's clothes and see what could still fit Kaiya so I don't have to buy so many new clothes . . . although, you can never have enough GIRLIE clothes! :)

I've totally been "nesting" cleaning out drawers, sorting through my old clothes, trying to get everything straightened up and ready for when she comes home.

One last thing, off topic . . . is that I'd like to take a moment to always remember this day, Tuesday, September 11th. May we never forget and pray for the soldiers in Iraq. And, be thankful for what we have. Live each day to its fullest no matter what!!!