Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just some pics...

My darling girl loves to pose-she's great taking pictures! I had to snap these two w/ her new pretty dress on-she had school pictures that day! :)

O is losing her teeth left and right-here is her front middle tooth about to fall out before going to school (above)

And, here is her tooth gone AFTER school (below) . . . she was worried the tooth fairy wouldn't come b/c she swallowed it during lunch! Thankfully, the t.f. DID come after reading the note O left her under her pillow-it was the sweetest thing ever!

Our last summer fun was going to our local Minor League Baseball Game! It is the Kane County Cougars-the kids had a great time...especially rolling down the hill!

Showing some love...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Let the FUN begin!!!

This is it! Tomorrow's the day! Matilda Jane's new Gypsy Blue Fall 09 Line goes on Sale tomorrow! I'm having 2 premier parties at my home and hoping for the best! Then the real fun begins as I get to host fun, wonderful Matilda Jane shows at my "Jane's" homes!

I've cleaned, tagged, ironed, organized beyond belief and i think i'm finally ready!! It's like studying for a final exam and tomorrow is the big day! Nervous and excited all at once.

My family has been so helpful and supportive w/ my decision to work . . . I love them dearly!

I'm off to bed, read and drift to sleep . . .