Saturday, June 27, 2009

THE most amazing weekend!

So I had the most amazing weekend! Many of you may know i'm a "Matilda Jane" Addict!  If you don't know what MJ is-it's a line of girls clothing a woman designs and creates herself out of Ft. Wayne, IN.  She sells some clothes on her website and the rest via Trunk Keepers.  I've hosted 2 parties and am officially addicted! The clothes are so colorful and unique-i just love them!
Anyhow, she was hosting an Art Fair this weekend at her location where the magic happens in IN. and invited everyone and anyone to come shop!  So, i made it a gals weekend and my mom and 2 daughters drove 3 1/2 hrs. to the Matilda Jane Art fair.  Friday night, Denise (the owner) held a fun party (cocktails/food/face painting and raffles) for all the guests.  We arrived, bought a few raffles tickets and enjoyed the night . . . but then . . . .they held the raffle . . . and  ohhhh BOY!!!
Denise's husband reading out the winners to the raffle!
WE WON the GRAND PRIZE!!!  Funny story, the prize was a TBA (to be announced) prize-Denise hadn't decided what it would be yet . . . so we waited and at 8PM they asked all the winners to meet at the front of the art studio.  Other winners won private shopping before the sale tomorrow or 5 free items, etc.  I still didn't know what i won?  So, we all walk to the studio (keep in mind the actual sale wasn't until Sat. 10am!!)  

We walk into her awesome studio and I'm in AWE!!!

So, they tell everyone to start their early shopping (the winners) and I say, uhh, don't know what i won yet . . and Denise, the owner (below) says, how many girls do you have? I say 2 and she says pick out 5 things for each little girl!!! WHOA! 
Denise has to be the sweetest, most giving lady out there-she was so nice, down to earth and very, very cool! :)
2 hours later, we exited the store! It was so hard to pick from all the beautiful things! The girls were so good and we had soooo much fun! Thanks Denise!!!

O telling K her fortune the next morning!

The Winning Goods!!!

I'm sorry if i sound like a big bragger on this post, but believe me- i NEVER win anything! SO heck, i had to brag a little-haha!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes, I know, it's been a longgggg time since my last blog. Doubt i even have any followers at this point-i don't blame you for leaving-ugh!  I guess that's what summer does-keep you off the computer!  That's a good thing.  We've been so busy this summer, and it's already almost the 4th!  Since so much has happened since my last post, thought i'd just post a few pics to show!

Relay for Life Walk w/ my mom!
Ballet Recital
Memorial Day Parade
and the list goes on and on . . . . but it feels good to be out of school and finally enjoying the warm weather!
I have a feeling i won't be updating my blog that much throughout the summer since every waking moment i have nothing on the calendar-we're at the POOL! :)  I'll try my best.  Overall though, we're doing great-kids are good, pets are good, family is good!