Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A VERY Busy Christmas Season!

We had such a nice time this Christmas Season w/ relatives visiting from NY and cousins frolicking everywhere-the kids were so great and the food was delicious!  Here are a few pics from our busy, busy day!

Cousin G & G

O loves reading to her new dolly friend
This gift from Grandma & Grandpa was the biggest hit of them all-did we have some major showdowns that day! It was so much fun!
K loves to feed her bitty babydoll

Uncle B & K-riding on the shoulders was a popular activity while the in-laws were in town! Fun-stuff!
Cousin G & G
K loves to put blankets on her head-it's so funny!  She looks like a little maiden all dressed up in her new Princess costume.

A few days before Christmas, we joined our playgroup (that was started for adopted children and families) for their annual cookie exchange.  There were crafts, games and the Christmas Carols that the children sang for us-they had fun!

Making new friends

Group shot!
Hope everyone had a good Holiday

Monday, December 22, 2008


Merry Christmas to all . . . 

This one is my favorite!

A few bloopers as well . . . 

Hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy, busy busy as the magician would say in "Frosty!"

With Christmas right around the corner, I've been beyond busy! From Christmas parties to cookie exchange to school programs, to shopping . . .the list goes on and on!  I haven't had the luxury to update the blog that often lately, but caught a few pictures yesterday from the beautiful snow.  We had about 4 inches and the kids and dog loved it!

I love this picture of Willow, our dog, across the street just looking at me like, "mom, i know i'm not supposed to be over here-but i just LOVE the snow!"

All dressed up!
BEFORE: G is saying, "I don't want to take a picture!"
AFTER: G is saying, "ah, mom, i'm just putting on a show!"

I love this picture below of O.  She just looks so happy playing w/ G.  We were all dressed up to see "Babes in Toyland," a local Park District production.  We went with some friends in the neighborhood and had a great time!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


FACEBOOK!  I love it! It's quite addictive though.  I've reunited w/ so many past friends, mostly from H.S.  The best is that i reunited w/ an old roomate/college friend that i haven't seen or talked to in 15 years!  THAT'S what's so cool about FB.

But, what i wanted to say to everyone is that i'm not "friends" w/ many on FB that are in the blog/adoption community.  Mostly b/c I don't know anyone's last name to look them up.

Today, a fellow JOHer just found me and added me as "her friend" which was really great!  
So, what i'm asking all of you out there . . . if you'd look me up and we can meet up on Facebook.  This is for all those already on FB of course.

My full name is: Nicole Hofer Korensky

Also, I added a new group on Facebook called :Taiwan Adoptions.  Come look us up and join the fun.  You can be in the process of adopting or already adopted from Taiwan! 

See you there!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photos, photos and more photos

I visit a wonderful website/blog called "we picture this" Mamarazzi Site.  You can find the link on the side of my blog.  It's a great place to catch beautiful photos.  They pick a new theme each month and the contributors post photos that relate to that theme.
This month is "Eyes" and since I cannot yet contribute to the actual site, I'm able to post my interpretation of "eyes" on my blog. 
I took this photo of my dear daughter this summer as she was holding a caterpillar in her hand.  
The camera I shot this photo with is a basic Sony Cyber-Shot (nothing fancy).
I just love this photo b/c her eyes are so big and blue and honest.  She loves bugs and loved looking for caterpillars this summer.

Thanksgiving at Grandma & Grandpa's


So, I got a new camera this weekend and am so excited to play with it!  The first thing i noticed in the difference of my pictures was the color.  The colors seem so much richer!  I'm hoping to learn a lot from this camera and try to capture the best pictures i possibly can!  These are the first pictures I took on Saturday at my niece's Birthday party.  

It was amazing the difference a year makes.  K has been with us a little over a year and she has opened up to everyone!  As soon as we arrived at the party, she was off!  She let everyone and anyone hold her-so loving, so fun and not shy at all!  Very different a year ago when she wouldn't leave my side!

Aunt B & K
Cousins O & E (who turned 8!)

Cousin E was reading to K-it was sooo cute!
G w/ a blue frosting! Mmmmmmmm!

We kicked off the Christmas Season this weekend by watching "Charlie Browns Christmas" A favorite!  O drew the picture below after the movie was over. I thought the similarity was striking! :)  Notice Snoopy saying "woof!"

We took our annual Christmas photo today-took lots of shots w/ the new camera!  I will post the official Christmas card shot on Christmas Day, so as not to spoil to those receiving a card. :)  But, these below were a few fun shots as they started to get giddy.  The best feature on this camera is rapid shooting-so i can hold the button down and it shoots and shoots and shoots-never missing a good shot! 
I thought these two pictures were fun!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Haircut and American Girl Doll!

Yes, she finally got her hair cut.  It turned out great and you can barely see the missing patch on the back of her head!  She's loving her new due too!  I have to say though, she looks so much older to me now.  She's no longer my little baby. :(

O was invited to a birthday party in the city yesterday.  We had so much fun!  We took the train down and went to lunch at the "American Girl Place."  I had never been to the "AGP" before and let me tell you . . . it was FUN! 
O doesn't have an AG doll . . . but after this trip, Santa may be bringing her one.

At lunch, you can bring your doll with you and they have little chairs they can sit in-very cute! Anyhow, since O didn't have her own doll (yet), she was able to borrow one-she picked the American Indian girl-very pretty!

The entire city is decorated for Christmas, so it was so much fun to be down there and see all the lights! Michigan Avenue was "lit up" the night before so it was a perfect time for the party.  We walked over to the John Hancock and took some great pictures in front of this massive Christmas tree.
Unfortunately my camera kept taking blurry shots (UGH!), so i apologize for the blurriness.   I'm hoping to get a new camera very soon! :)

My GREAT friend B who hosted the Birthday party!

The 3 girls were having so much fun walking down Michigan Avenue w/ all the pretty lights- i couldn't help but snap some more photos of them.