Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Matilda Jane Conference!

Just got back from the Matilda Jane Conference in Ft. Wayne, IN. Had a wonderful time-everyone is SOOO nice! When I say I work for an amazing company, that's an understatement. MJ may be small, but it's Mighty! That's what I love about it-the personalization, the friendships, the love that goes into the work.

This is Denise, the Master Mind behind Matilda Jane. Isn't her son the cutest?!? :) She's the sweetest lady if you ever have the chance of meeting down to earth and rich with creativity-as all you "MJ Lovers" know!
And, this is Kayla...another great employee of Matilda Jane from the beginning. She works in the home office-she's great help!
Just a few of the amazing TK's from all over...these girls are from WI and OH-my Midwest buds!
Besides missing my family...couldn't have had a better weekend-old friendships, new friendships and did i mention the new Spring Line?!? "Hammond Bay" WHOA! Gorgeous! Visit the sneak peaks on Denise's Blog:
Coming February 15th!!!
If you want to know more, email me at

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Season 2009

It's been a busy you can tell, i haven't posted in a lonnnng time. My season is only going to get busier soon w/ Matilda Jane's Spring line launching February 15th!! I posted a few pics from December-the first few are when my mom and I took the kids to the city. Visited the American Girl store, windows at Marshall Macy's. My loyalty is to M.F.'s and a trip to the Walnut Room.

Christmas morning. Can you tell what one of the favorite gifts were? :)

K loves to follow her brother around and plays what he likes to you can tell she loved his new "Batman" sweatshirt a dear friend gave him-she snatched it up!

We got a Wii this year...yes, we broke down and got one like the masses. Anyhow, my dad is a HUGE hockey fan, so i rented the Hockey NHL was hilarious! We had NO idea how to play-he just loved watching the actual game and the fights!

This was a great gift! These little color pieces are magnetic-and you put them on a picture that is numbered-like color by numbers-but instead magnet by numbers-O loved it!

Then, the day after Christmas...we got tons of snow-it was a winter wonderland! As you can see all the kids and dog loved the snow!
This was the picture in our backyard!