Monday, March 16, 2009

What a glorious day . . .

Today was 60 degrees-so i thought we'd skip swim lessons and play outside!  I grabbed my camera and took lots of shots.  I'm so humbled by fellow bloggers who have these glorious pictures on their blogs.  They're wonderful photographers that I'm trying to learn from.  So, I took these pictures in Manual-adjusting the ISO and aperture.  The first picture above was ISO 100-which affected the light-so i adjusted to ISO 200 with a high shutter speed to catch the action shots.  My problem is a take the pictures so fast-i don't really know what i'm doing! haha!  

A lot of good picture taking is what you do afterwards.  I have been playing w/ iPhoto on my MAC  adjusting the light, composition, exposure, etc.  It really can make a bland picture very rich in color.  
Fun stuff!

Now, if anyone knows how to post their pictures really large-i'd love to know! Many friends have pictures on their blogs that are double the size of these-i just don't know how to do it.  Leaving me a comment would be great! 
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Legoland & The Great Cookie Capers!

Hello! I know it's been a long time since I last "blogged."  I'll admit, i've been a little lazy.  I think it's the nasty, cold weather-so not motivating to do anything! But, today is nearly 70 degrees and i'm feeling upbeat-so i thought i'd catch up on some blogging while K is napping!
Recently, my girlfriend and I took our kids to "Legoland!"  No, not the one in San Diego (been there-it's awesome), this one is in Schaumburg, IL-much smaller/all indoors-but fun!
I posted several pictures from that day!
 Mini-legoland-this is part of "Millenium Park" in Chicago at night!
When I used my flash inside-it reflected on the legos.
This is G looking at "Darth Vader!"  He was too afraid to get a picture with him-but since he's a "STAR WARS" fanatic, he thought it was pretty cool.

Where else can you go and the children play constructively-it's great!
Such concentration
Quick story-this lego statue was a little odd-it would make flatulent sounds periodically-the kids thought it was a riot-the parents, not so much.  From the last picture-you can tell he had just "tooted."

The great cookie snatchers!  This was the crime scene the other day while i left the room for a few minutes.  I came back into the kitchen and found the following . . .  chairs properly placed in position to reach the cookie jar . . .
The cookie jar!

They were actually hiding under the dining room table eating their treasure! Sneaky little ones i tell 'ya!