Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walt Disney World...YES!! We're HERE! Just got back from a wonderful week at WDW. There are a million and one pictures I could upload... what a week! :) This was the first time our family went to Disney World and BOY did we have fun!!! I can see why people go back year after year...there's SO much to do-we were there a week-and still didn't see everything!!
Tweedle Dum taking a liking w/ K!

The Tree of Life was simply amazing at "Animal Kingdom!" A must see for sure!!

These 2 sisters were from China...we just thought they looked SO much like K! We had to all get a picture together-they were TOO cute!!

G was not into the Princesses...he said he didn't like all the "glitter!"

Disney really is a "Magical Place" I can't tell you how much fun we had! I had been wanting to go for so long . . . yet, i'm glad we went when we did. Number 1 reason-our kids were old enough to really appreciate the Magic of Disney. I highly recommend waiting until your children are at least 5 years old to go. Then, they can go on most rides as well. K is only 4...but seriously-she probably would have had as much fun at a local carnival! :)But, my other are a tad older-and REALLY enjoyed it beyond anything!

The beautiful sunset at Epcot

Truly a sight to SEE! I have to talk about the fact that it's taken me SO long to update my Blog. My life has become one big rush all the time, i barely have a second to myself. Hence, the blog being put on the back burner. And, i don't see it changing much at all. I thought it was important to keep up w/ my blog as i was going thru the Adoption Process. I found comfort reading and following others journey's while i was going thru mine. I took a moment this morning and flipped thru some of those "old blogs" I used to follow...and saw that many have discontinued their updates as well. On that note...I will try to periodically update, maybe...but i most likely will be updating my FB more often. :)

Looking at these blogs that I followed so loyally a few years ago, made me reflect on our adoption w/ K. It will be 3 years ago tomorrow...3 YEARS that I had my GOTCHA day! I've attached a few pictures here to reflect that joyous moment in our lives! She's grown to be the most beautiful little girl-adventurous, goofy, smart and definitely the "wild child" of our family!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Been so long...

Yes, it's been that long! Too long! My life has gotten SO busy...but that's good-right? :) I promise to post more...more pictures as well...very soon!
But, in the meantime...the new Fall Season for
Matilda Jane
is coming out August 6th!
Contact me to get your hands on these
adorable clothes!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Matilda Jane Conference!

Just got back from the Matilda Jane Conference in Ft. Wayne, IN. Had a wonderful time-everyone is SOOO nice! When I say I work for an amazing company, that's an understatement. MJ may be small, but it's Mighty! That's what I love about it-the personalization, the friendships, the love that goes into the work.

This is Denise, the Master Mind behind Matilda Jane. Isn't her son the cutest?!? :) She's the sweetest lady if you ever have the chance of meeting down to earth and rich with creativity-as all you "MJ Lovers" know!
And, this is Kayla...another great employee of Matilda Jane from the beginning. She works in the home office-she's great help!
Just a few of the amazing TK's from all over...these girls are from WI and OH-my Midwest buds!
Besides missing my family...couldn't have had a better weekend-old friendships, new friendships and did i mention the new Spring Line?!? "Hammond Bay" WHOA! Gorgeous! Visit the sneak peaks on Denise's Blog:
Coming February 15th!!!
If you want to know more, email me at

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Season 2009

It's been a busy you can tell, i haven't posted in a lonnnng time. My season is only going to get busier soon w/ Matilda Jane's Spring line launching February 15th!! I posted a few pics from December-the first few are when my mom and I took the kids to the city. Visited the American Girl store, windows at Marshall Macy's. My loyalty is to M.F.'s and a trip to the Walnut Room.

Christmas morning. Can you tell what one of the favorite gifts were? :)

K loves to follow her brother around and plays what he likes to you can tell she loved his new "Batman" sweatshirt a dear friend gave him-she snatched it up!

We got a Wii this year...yes, we broke down and got one like the masses. Anyhow, my dad is a HUGE hockey fan, so i rented the Hockey NHL was hilarious! We had NO idea how to play-he just loved watching the actual game and the fights!

This was a great gift! These little color pieces are magnetic-and you put them on a picture that is numbered-like color by numbers-but instead magnet by numbers-O loved it!

Then, the day after Christmas...we got tons of snow-it was a winter wonderland! As you can see all the kids and dog loved the snow!
This was the picture in our backyard!