Monday, March 24, 2008

New pictures, Meeting other JOH'ers and Trip to LA and more!


Kudos to SouthWest Airlines helping mommy fly ALONE to LA w/ 3 young kids! Yes, alone! Can you believe it-i survived! Thank goodness Daddy flew home w/ all of us!
Hanging out in Santa Monica!

Kids loved the Star Wars Legos! So cooooooollll! Although, G was too frightened to get a picture w/ Darth Vader! :)

K first haircut-as you can tell, she wasn't so happy at first . . . .but, wait! Next came a lollipop, and you can see she was all smiles from then on!

Nice and neat-doesn't she look great! :)

Meeting friends from JOH that also adopted from Taiwan recently! We all met in ChinaTown. It was great seeing everyone and meeting their little ones!

JIM GILL CONCERT . K was having a good 'ol time at the Jim Gill Concert at O school one snowy winter night! As you can tell she was singing away!

Baptism for K. We were honored to have dear friends D and M as the Godparents. Thank you!!! :)