Sunday, July 22, 2007

No News . . . Good News!

Han Tsai-Yi's first hearing has come and gone. The date was July 18th, and haven't heard a thing from our agency. As they told us before, no news is good news. The judge then will make his first ruling, which could happen any day now or in 2 months. You just don't know!

After the first ruling, the birth mother has 10 days to sign a document relinquishing all rights to the child. The final ruling is then sent out and I can travel!!! So, again, we don't know when exactly this will be, but we're hoping this fall!

Something happened this weekend that I found very cute . . . the kids and I were in downtown Naperville along w/ 1000's of Harry Potter Fans for the "Harry Potter Book Sale Fest" and Olivia saw a little Chinese girl. She couldn't be more than 18 months old, and Olivia said to me, " Look Mom, it's Tsai-Yi!!! I thought it was so cute! :)

You're all probably wondering if we're keeping her name Tsai-Yi (pronounced kai-yee), and we are as her middle name . . . we will announce the first name very soon! Most likely after the first ruling has been finalized. Stay tuned . . . . .

Thursday, July 12, 2007


We got our 2nd update late last night-so exciting since I'd been waiting daily by the computer for one! :) Here are some recent pictures of her. It's amazing how each picture, she looks very different! I've noticed the pictures taken at the foster moms home, she looks more relaxed and content. Those are the ones with the shrine in the background. The great thing is she's wearing the clothes we sent in our recent care package and holding the bunny blanket! It's reassuring to know they received the package. I will be sending her another one soon for her 1st Birthday!
Something I noticed in these pictures besides her cuteness . . . is that she's finally gotten some teeth! If you look closely, and you'll probably have to zoom, you can see she has at least 2 teeth on the bottom, it even looks like there may be 4? She didn't seem to have any teeth at the last update, so this is fun to see. Besides the photos they sent a developmental report checking off the new things she does, I will post some of them here:
  • Responds to "no!"

  • Assists in dressing . . . I thought this one was a little odd, she's so young, but it works! :)

  • Crawls on hands and knees

  • Sits well or long periods

  • Finger feeds

  • Uses one word w/ meaning

  • Stands holding on

  • Offers toy or food

  • Looks for hidden objects

  • Pokes w/ index finger

Little less than a week is her first hearing, so we're praying all goes well. As the agency says, no news is good news! After the hearing, there is a first ruling which can come within 1-2 months, then a final ruling. After the final ruling date has been set, I can plan my travel arrangements and bring her home!

Olivia & Graham have been having fun watching the videos and pictures of her. They seem to be excited to have her as their little sister, at least as much as they understand thus far!